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Title: “Promoting regular improvement of teachers’ qualification in technical vocational schools”
Project type: Leonardo da Vinci - pilot project
Ref. no.: 2002-BG/02/B/F/PP-132041
Duration: 2 years
Actual stage: Finalised, with the Final Report approved by the European Commission
Total value of the Contract: 375478 Euros
Total value for the University of Pitesti: 48817 Euros

This project is designed to identify, design, implement and evaluate best European practice in the continuing education and training of VET professionals in the ways necessary to achieve substantial and self-sustaining continuous improvement of student achievement.
The project will operate in four stages where the multinational teams will meet at the beginning of each stage, and start (not stage I) by evaluating the outcomes of the previous stage. At all stages in the project contact will be maintained through an Online Learning Environment, which will build, and provide for the extension of, a Community of Practice. Dissemination of the results will be continuous and provide an ongoing process of valorisation and capitalization.
At first it will be analyze existing models and practice and produce a relevant model for all countries involved. Than the necessary curriculum structure and model will be prepared resulting in a Bologna-Compatible Masters programme. The programme will be piloted in using both face-to-face and e-learning approaches. The outcomes and impact of the project will be analyzed and valorised. The Final Stage will prepare the outcomes for final dissemination and wider networking of findings through national seminars, presentation at International Scientific Conferences and online discussions. In particular, specific materials will be prepared in Web format so that they can be readily used in CD format or on Web Pages, or in Online Learning Environments. The Central Product will be a fully accredited European Masters Programme and “Framework”.

• National Institute of Education – Center for VET and Career Guidance - Sofia - BG
• Foundation – EPA 21st Century - Sofia - BG
• Research Institute of Technical and Vocational Education - Prague - CZ
• Deutsches Institut f??r Internationale P?¤dagogische Forschung - Frankfurt am Main - DE
• Centre Interinstitutionnel de Ressources pour les Formaters de la Formation Individualisee - Labege - FR
• University of Pitesti - RO



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