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Title: European Policies in the Field of Sustainable Regional Development
Project type : Jean Monnet project - European module
Ref. no.: C03/0010

Promoter: University of Pitesti
Coordinator: Lect. Dr. Georgeta CHIRLESAN

Duration: 3 years
Actual stage: Finalised, with the Final Report approved by the European Commission
Total value of the Contract: 19773 Euro
Total value for the University of Pitesti : 12000 Euro

The module of European studies at the University of Pitesti in the framework of Jean Monnet Program, has the title  European Policies in the field of sustainable regional development and contains courses spread over the whole academic year (two terms), comprising 4 disciplines, as follows:

1. History of European Construction Process
2. European Economic Integration
3. European Economic Integration and Harmonisation of the Legislation
4. European Community Law .

Thus, the module is a multidisciplinary one, which brings to our students accurate information about European Union, about the integration process, and especially about what the joining to European Union means for the accession countries. The module is a multidisciplinary one not only by its content, but also by the fact that the courses are held by several teachers instead of only one, professionals and experts with different backgrounds and specialisations in the field of European studies.

Below there is rendered the educational plan related to this European module, and we need to emphasize upon the fact that the module addressed initially to the students of the third year of study, at 4 different specialisations of the University of Pite?ti :

•  Physics Engineering
•  Biology
•  Journalism
•  Law

but due to its great impact, the registered students belong to other specializations of our university as well.



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