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Title: Advance Training in Nursing [ SKYNURSE]
Project type: European Space Agency project
Ref. no.: ESA Cnt No 17741/03/NL/AD

Promoter/coordinator: Padova Ricerche Scpa - IT

Duration: 2 years
Actual stage: finalised, with the Final Report approved by the European Space Agency
Total value of the Contract: 72000 Euros

Total value for the University of Pitesti: 36000 Euros



Skynurse is a project co-financed by European Space Agency and intends to develop a system for disseminating the distance training courses by satellite and addresses to the nurses of the extra-community countries. The main goal is to properly train this type of personnel in order to make it functional within the hospital structures of the European Union.

This phase of the project – the so-called pilot phase – foresees the creation of training centres for nurses around the two Romanian universities (University of Pitesti and “Politehnica” University of Bucharest) with the participation of 180 trainees.

The course will be held in Italian language and will contain modules afferent to: basic medicine, clinical practices and operative procedures for the development of care assistance and nursing, corresponding to the second standard of quality and safety.





2. “Politehnica” University of Bucharest - RO

3. Eukrasia Consortium – IT




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