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Title: Chance for transnational co-operation in developing the quality in VET training for the students of the University of Pitesti [CHANCE]

Project type: Leonardo da Vinci – mobility project. This project has been financed by the European Commission through the Leonardo da Vinci Programme
Ref. no.: RO/2005/Pl/95189/S

Promoter/coordinator: University of Pitesti, RO

Duration: 1 year
Actual stage: finalised, with the Final Report approved by the European Commission
Total value of the Contract: 28.200 Euros
Total value for the University of Pitesti: 28.200 Euros


Who… This project in meant to be a mobility one with the main goal to perform placement for students abroad. The partnership is composed by the University of Pite?ti (ROMANIA) as promoter & coordinator and ANSALDO NUCLEARE Spa (ITALY), a top level company in mechanical equipments & devices for nuclear field.  During the project we’ll have two main parts co-operating to accomplish the project activities: teaching staff, administrative personnel and students of the University of Pite?ti, on one hand, and trainers, tutors & mentors of Ansaldo (ITALY)), on the other hand. This project will have great impact upon a number of 10 students of the Faculty of Sciences - Physics Engineering specialization as direct beneficiaries of the project, but also other categories of indirect participants will take part in the project’s activities.

What… The objectives of the project, in strong relation with the needs of all direct and indirect beneficiaries are:

-           to update and to reinforce the professional training of the University’s of Pite?ti students;

-           to facilitate access at professional training for the students of the Physics Engineering specialization;

-           to encourage these students to gain experience in work-linked training as an activity that involves theory and practice in the same time and strengthening the links between working life and training;

-           to achieve the “acquis communautaire” transfer towards the students and teaching staff of the Faculty of  Sciences (and not only);

-           to better know the culture, traditions, way of life and history of Europe and European countries;

-           to strengthen the European dimension of initial and continuing vocational training and enhance the European cooperation;

-           to develop language skills and transnational contacts and exchanges of good practice for trainers and human resources managers;

-           to provide the local employers with personnel trained at European standards;

-           to disseminate the project and its outcomes;

-           to encourage students and teaching staff from other faculties to initiate such mobilities.

Why… Like all over the world, in Romania, the necessity for this type of professional training by VET stages abroad satisfy the needs of specialized personnel.

In the context of Romania’s integration in the European Union, it is strongly necessary to adapt the economical conditions to modern practices, based on the patterns that have been already successful.

Due to the fact that Western European countries have great experience in economic development concerning the problems encountered during the economical changes, training stages besides specialists of different fields of expertise will form well trained staff, capable to manage similar situations that Romania might faced today. In different domains of activity, often the actors involved are working separately, even into an antagonistic way sometimes; this is why it’s necessary to gather them through common interests, for the same goal. Thus, by experience exchanges between the Romanian and foreign trainees working abroad, and also between Romanian trainees and their trainers, by debates upon the encountered problems, the training and self-training process will be accomplished, by giving them a clear image of the issues.

Based on the experience we have with this kind of projects and deferring to what students involved in Leonardo da Vinci programs reported, we came to the conclusion that projects like this one represent the best way for the young future physic engineers to apply the theoretical knowledge they’ve achieved before in a modern and more suitable environment offered by Genoa, Italy.

Where and when… The project has duration of one year and aims at developing a professional training structure for the students of the Physics Engineering specialization, through VET stages at Ansaldo (ITALY), strategy which to be coherent with the University’s Of Pite?ti strategy.

The stages will have duration of 3 months each and will be achieved in one single flow of 10 students during the academic year 2006/2007. These stages are integrated into the professional training process of the students related to their future profession. At the end of the training, each student will beneficiate of a certificate for the competencies acquired during the stage. Its recognition will be assured at least at local level in Romania – by allocating ECTS points in accordance with the professional activity and with the educational plan of the University of Pite?ti. In addition to this, the students will take benefit of negotiations between University of Pite?ti and the employers of the Arge? county.


1. University of Pitesti (ROMANIA) – promoter & coordinator



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