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Title: Teacher Education on Robotics-Enhanced Constructivist Pedagogical Methods [TERECoP]

Project type: SOCRATES/Comenius 2.1 – pilot project
Ref. no.: 128959-CP-1-2006-1-GR-COMENIUS-C21

Promoter/coordinator: School of Pedagogical and Technological Education [ASPETE],

Heraklio Attikis, Greece

Duration: 3 years

Actual stage: finalised, with the Final Report under the evaluation of the European Commission

Total value of the Contract: 332419 Euro

Total value for the University of Pitesti: 24088 Euro


The project, inspired by the theory of constructivism and constructionism (Piaget, Papert), will focus on the constructionist use of educational technology as a learning tool. It aims at the development of teacher training courses that will enable the future or in-service teachers to integrate the use of computer-based robotic activities in their teaching repertoire as a constructivist learning tool that can support pupil/student knowledge construction, learning by doing, learning through active exploration and can increase pupil motivation in science and technology

Main activities:

 -To select and organize a repertoire of appropriate computer-based robotic activities and produce a set of critical examples that can be used in a constructivist way by teachers at secondary school level in the areas of science and technology;

-To develop and implement training courses for teachers choosing appropriate activities and          strategies designed to help and encourage them to adopt these new pedagogical methods;

- To evaluate the courses and report experiences from the implementation of the courses in the     different European countries that participate in the project.;

-To create a community of practice between educators and teachers for a continuous and sustainable professional development in using computer-based robotic tools through the integration of e-learning tools and the development of a repository web site to make all the developed materials easily  accessible for teachers and trainers;

- To disseminate the results of the project to the broader educational community

Target group:  

Secondary school teachers, teacher trainers and education authorities


Expected outputs:

- A methodology for designing computer-based robotic activities supporting constructivist learning

- Teacher training course curriculum and learning materials

- Teacher education courses

- A community of practice between trainers and teachers

- An International Workshop, publications, papers, presentations in conferences 


1. School of Pedagogical and Technological Education [ASPETE], GR – co-ordinator

2. Institut Universitaire de Formation des Maîtres d'Aix-Marseille, FR

3. Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione – Università di Padova, IT

4. Universitatea din Pite?ti, RO

5. IT+Robotics srl, IT

6. Museo Civico di Rovereto, IT

7. Karlova univerzita Pedagogicka fakulta, CZ

8. Universidad Publica de Navarra, ES



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