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Project type: LLP / Erasmus IP

Ref. no.: LLP-ERA-IP-2009-LT-0267


Promoter/coordinator: Vilnius Cooperative College, Lithuania

Duration: 1 year
Actual stage: Finalised

Total budget of the University of Pite?ti: 6358 Euros

Grant for the University of Pite?ti: 5608 Euros


The mechanics of finding a job are changing, the job market is becoming more competitive, and many college students are ill-equipped to enter the job market by means other than looking at job postings in newspapers and electronic bulletin boards.

The purpose of this intensive course is to employ proven methodologies to (1) assist participants in “packaging themselves” for successful job search - that is, to identify their proven knowledge, skills, and abilities and to learn how to present them in a coherent, convincing manner to potential employers; (2) provide skills in researching potential employer corporations; and (3) involve participants in interview preparation and performance, including videotaping mock interviews and critiquing-to-correct individual performances to identify major and minor flaws in the presentation of oneself and one’s knowledge, abilities, skills, and other characteristics in competing for jobs. This interactive process builds self esteem and self assurance among participants as they receive feedback and coaching from peers and instructors, and get video confirmations of their improved interviewing proficiency.

Participants will complete the program with: (1) a detailed analysis of their success factors and capability to match their knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics to the stated (or researched and assumed) needs of potential employers; (2) ability to identify and research potential employing organizations; and (3) develop poise and confidence in interview settings, abilities that transfer readily to other social or occupational settings. Participants will be asked to complete detailed questionnaires before and after the course and to rate their improvement as a result of the training they received.



As explained above, the main objectives are:

- to assist participants in “packaging themselves” for successful job search;

- to provide skills in researching potential employer corporations;

- to involve participants in interview preparation and performance.



-          theoretical training sessions;

-          practical training sessions;

-          teaching materials;

-          evaluation procedures (including the issuing of the Europass Mobility Certificate)

-          study programme and educational plan;

-          dissemination activities.



1.      Vilnius Cooperative College, LT (coordinator)

2.      University of Pite?ti, RO

3.      Polytechnic Institute of Braganca, PT

College of Computer Science in Lodz, PL



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