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Title and acronym: Improving didactics, education and learning in higher education with Online Serious Game Creator [IDEAL GAME]

Project type: Erasmus+ KA203 Project, Strategic Partnership for Higher Education

Ref. no.: 2020-1-DE01-KA203-005682


Promoter /Coordinator: Universitaet Paderborn, Germany

Duration: 01.09.2020 to 31.12.2022

Total project cost: 242.633 Euro

Total expenditure (grant) for the University of Pitesti: 27.284 Euro

Local coordinator for the University of Pitesti: Assoc. Professor Dr. Georgeta CHIRLEȘAN


In the IDEAL GAME project, higher education institutions are jointly creating an online game creator for serious games to improve teaching and learning in higher education institutions. Within the project an online tool for the creation of small Serious Game for higher education will be designed.

This IDEAL GAME tool will offer the chance to create different types of small serious games which can be integrated in modules and lectures: e.g. (a) serious games for learning professional and subject related vocabulary, (b) serious games for assign of corresponding facts and terms, (c) serious games which focus on process flows, (d) competitive serious games to enhance learning, (e) puzzle games to get in contact with models and theories etc. The tool will be designed in a way that the small serious games can be adapted to different scientific disciplines and field individually. It can be used for modules and lectures and can be equipped by the users with different content.

In the IDEAL GAME project, in addition to the tool design itself, a series of serious games will be created with the tool and provided as OER (open educational resources). The IDEAL GAME project includes a prototype test, an integration into study modules at the participating universities, an evaluation of the designed serious games in lectures and a construction of a show case portal with additional pedagogical tips and insights into ongoing serious games designed with the tool. In addition, a policy paper as well as publications and a handbook for the tool are created.




IDEAL GAME project aims to support the process of learning in higher education institutions in a modern and innovative manner that implied the use of serious, intelligent and fascinating games. These games will be in fact digital tools especially designed to improve the processes of understanding, memorizing and thoroughgoing study and also to reduce stress during these intellectual activities.

The additional OER (open educational resources) provided by the IDEAL GAME project will address to different specialists, as teachers, trainers, researchers, students, technicians and youth employees, working in a vast field of activities.

Thus, the goal is to create a flexible tool that can be used to design module-based serious games that promote student with digital learning, improves student activity and also incorporate a motivational game-based learning approach that can be combined with a flipped-classroom concept.



O1      IDEAL GAME - Research on learning with serious games in higher education

O2      IDEAL GAME - Creator Tool Development

O3       IDEAL GAME - OER Development of Serious Games and learning materials and


O4      IDEAL GAME - Development of Books

O5      IDEAL GAME - Policy Paper and Layman`s Report



P1        University Paderborn (UPB), Germany (DE) (coordinator)
P2        Ingenious Knowledge GmbH (IK), Germany (DE)
P3        Universitatea din Pitesti (UPIT), Romania (RO)
P4        Wyzsza Szkola Ekonomii i Innowacji w Lublinie (WSEI), Poland (PL)
P5        University of Dundee (UoD), United Kingdom (UK)
P6        Universidad a Distancia de Madrid SA (UDIMA), Spain (E)



Please visit our website: https://ideal-game.eduproject.eu/


Visit our social media channels:


    IDEAL GAME Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Erasmus-Project-IDEAL-GAME-100195691949187/?view_public_ for=100195691949187


   IDEAL GAME Twitter: @IdealGame3




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