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Title and acronym: Crafting Career Roadmaps [CURSOR]

Project type: Erasmus+ Project for Cooperation for Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices – Strategic Partnerships for Youth

Ref. no.: 2017-3-CY02-KA205-001117


Promoter /Coordinator: SEAL CYPRUS

Duration: 01.05.2018 to 30.04.2020

Actual stage: In progress

Total project cost: 85 424 Euro

Total expenditure (grant) for the University of Pitesti: 14 920 Euro

Local coordinator for the University of Piteşti: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dumitru Chirlesan


The project seeks to address the issue of youth unemployment which was 17,7% (3.905 million young persons) in EU in February 2017 while during the last year in the partners' countries was 29,1% in Cyprus, 17,7% in Poland, 17,2% in Ireland and 20,6% in Romania according to Eurostat.


Career support in youth work settings is limited and in most cases amounts to providing access to career guidance products that are normally available in formal education settings. The partners believe that it is time for a completely new approach to support the development of career planning skills among disadvantaged youth target groups. Moreover, the partners have witnessed a lack in professional development training for youth workers working with disadvantaged youth as it regards to career planning.


The project proposes to develop a completely new career planning framework where young people are supported to acquire the necessary skills to plan their own career progression pathway and to retain those skills for use throughout their active working life. CURSOR proposes the modernization of career planning to reflect the reality of the European employment marketplace where a change in career path can be a frequent occurrence. CURSOR will harness the potential of digital technologies to develop a career planning framework, complete with all the required tools and resources, that benefits from blended learning; is free to service users and cost neutral to service providers; and easy to sustain and update in times of shrinking expenditure.


CURSOR will produce a career planning subject framework with outputs such as a Handbook for the youth professionals. Further, we will create a number of Career Planning Resources and digital tools such as the e-learning portal to help young people to develop the necessary skills to enable them to construct their own career progression pathway and update it as required throughout their working life.




With the project CURSOR we want to promote social inclusion of all young people through employment.


Our objective is to offer to youth professionals an opportunity for professional development along with innovative tools to use in their work so as to support the employability of young people with fewer opportunities.


We are proposing a new model of career planning as a subject instead of career guidance as a service; a subject with curriculum resources at different levels, with required learning outcomes and an assessment framework to measure attainment.


With CURSOR, the partners seek to enhance the international dimension of youth activities and to promote high-quality and inclusive youth work.




  • In-service Training Needs Analysis Report: is an essential first step in the development process to ensure that the needs of front-line youth workers are addressed to enable them deliver the new career planning materials. Addressing these training needs is central to the planned innovation; is essential to ensure that the required impact can be achieved; and will provide a benchmark for future developments in the field allowing people to build on a foundation already established.
  • In-service Training Programme Handbook: will introduce the new career planning concept and discuss the career planning resources that will be made available at introductory and advanced levels.
  • Career Planning Resources: the capacity of front-line youth workers to embed the new career planning resources into their daily routines is critical to realising the aims of the CURSOR project. To support their continuous professional development, an appropriate in-service training resource will be provided based on the Needs Analysis.
  • E-learning portal: will be a one-stop-shop providing instant access to the full suite of career planning resources developed. The proposed e-learning portal will support a wide range of innovative on-line course-ware. It will incorporate a learner tracking mechanism to enable front-line youth workers monitor the progress of their youth target groups through the various different career planning resources provided. It will be fully web 2.0 compliant and will include all the standard and expected social media features that are now an essential part of on-line learning.



  1. 1.SEAL CYPRUS (Cyprus) (coordinator)
  1. TOMORROW (Poland)


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