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Title: DEMOcratic governance and Social responsibility for a better and secure EUROPE [DEMOS EUROPE]

Project type: LLP / Erasmus - IP

Ref. no.: First year 12-EIP-RO PITESTI01-bis


Promoter/coordinator: University of Piteşti

Duration: 3 years
Actual stage: Finalised

Total value of the Contract: First year 21.790 Euros




To better prepare students for professional life, as future European labour force, in different fields of expertise, through a modern multidisciplinary approach.



● To provide students with know-how, stimulate the exchange of best practices and deepen their understanding of key concepts for the targeted theme and topics;

● To create at students appropriate theoretical and practical skills, necessary for their future professional interventions in the thematic areas of political science, methodology of the scientific research, medialogy, public administration;

● To stimulate students’ understanding of the current challenges regarding democracy, governance, social responsibility and security;

● To develop students’ creativity and innovations skills by using non-formal learning methods: group-work, multimedia presentations, simulation exercises and role play, public speaking and outdoor activities.

● To enable students to plan and develop activities specific to scientific research;

● To support students in further developing their potential as learners and researchers;

● To set-up a sustainable cooperation between European HEIs;

● To raise awareness towards the project's theme and to disseminate its outcomes.


Target groups:

Students enrolled in Bachelor (first cycle) and Master (second cycle) study programmes in different fields of study.


Main activities:

1) Preparing for the course implementation (administrative, financial and course content preparation activities);

2) Implementing the IP course:

- 8 teaching and training modules, theoretical and practical (see their list below) which includes lectures and practical activities, debates, analyses and discussions;

- in situ experimentation through meeting with stakeholders;

- students’ contest/competition to present their research results;

- local social and cultural activities (trips in the region, visiting museums, attending shows);

3) Monitoring and evaluating the quality of the project process and IP course content;

4) Disseminating the project and its outcomes (posting info about the IP on the partners’ website, press articles in local/regional mass media, designing and distributing brochures about the IP, displaying posters, organizing short information about the IP with students and community that cannot attended the courses).

5) Reporting upon the project;

6) Exploiting the project results.



- the IP study Program itself;

- the educational plan;

- teaching materials;

- a booklet with the contents taught during the IP course;

- in situ experimentation;

- know-how on scientific research methodology

- overall project report;

- dissemination activities and products (special website of the IP, brochure, poster, press articles, short information seminars).



  1. University of Piteşti – RO (coordinator)
  2. Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education – DK
  3. University of Studies of Macerata – IT
  4. Lower Silesian College of Entrepreneurship and Technology – PL
  5. Polytechnic Institute of Bragança - PT


Project Resources – 1st year

Materials for courses from lecturers

List of participants

Students prior tasks

Important information


Project Outcomes - 1st Year



Project Resources – 2nd year 

Materials for courses from lecturers 

List of participants 

Students prior tasks 

Important information 

Project Outcomes – 2nd  Year







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