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Title: Focus on Creativity and Innovations

Project type: LLP / Erasmus - IP

Ref. no.: LLP-ERA-IP-2011-LT-0574


Promoter/coordinator: Vilnius Co-operative College, Lithuania

Duration: 3 years
Actual stage: Finalised

Total value of the Contract for UPIT: 4920.86 Euros



Goal and Objectives:

This IP course "Focus on Creativity and Innovations" aims to develop students’ creativity and innovations skills by using non - formal learning methods: group-work, lectures, multimedia presentations, simulation exercises and forum theatre, public speaking and outdoor activities. Goals of the IP course:

1) To deepen participants’ understanding of key concepts of creativity and innovations;

2) to find distinction between personal creativity management and innovations management; 3) to test and learn non-formal education methods to discover and develop personal creativity;

4) to observe best known world innovations, that have the greatest impact to modern society, to analyse the role of innovations as means to improve our lives;

5) discover secrets of innovative business companies: how to build and spread innovative culture, meeting with business representatives;

6) to understand the challenges that face business companies and organisations working with public relations strategies launching innovative products, ideas;

7) discuss how to present “innovations” to public society (particularly the use of artistic and non-formal methods - cartoons, dance, music, storytelling) and test different ways in practice; 8) to enable participants to develop activities and programmes for training youth in creativity and innovations management in national or local level;

9) to support participants in further developing their potential as learners and facilitators in creativity and innovations management education.


Target groups: students and teaching staff


Main activities:

1) Phase of the preparation for the implementation of the course, consisting of administrative and course content preparation activities;

2) Monitoring and evaluation the quality of the project process and IP course content;

3) Dissemination about the project before, during and after the implementation of IP course; 4) Implementation of the IP course;

5) Exploitation of the project results.



Increased knowledge of the participants within innovations and creativity field;

International experience on innovations management issues;

Handbook for trainers “Focus on creativity and Innovations”;

Project report and feedback reports.



1. Jihočeská Univerzita v České Budějovice, CZ

2. Universidade da Coruña, ES

3. Instituto Superior de Contabilidade e Administração do Porto, PT

4. Universitatea din Piteşti, RO

5. Adnan Menderes Üniversitesi, TR

6. Technological Education Institute -Τ.Ε.Ι. - of Larissa, GR




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